Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Traditions

Traditions abound this time of year.  From where we go to what we eat, from when we celebrate to how we decorate, and on and on.

To me, traditions are one of the many things that make Christmastime so special.  They're a link to our past, so often passed down from one generation to the next, and also a way to bond in the future and make memories for the future.  

I also think it's neat to hear other people's traditions and the stories behind them.  So today I thought I'd share a few traditions that me and my family have.

Things really get started on Christmas Eve.  It was always so hard as children to wait ONE more day to  open presents, so my mom would allow us to open one gift.  She always gave us new PJ's on Christmas Eve.  We plan to start that tradition with Emma this year, so you KNOW she'll be getting some new Christmas PJ's from Cloud 9!

We always go to our church's evening service on Christmas Eve.  After church, we head home for a delicious meal cooked by my mother.  My grandmother always spends Christmas with us, too.  She is 84-years-old.  Emma is named after her.  And we are so blessed to have her with us!  We eat, drink, and enjoy time as a family.

On Christmas morning we all hurry downstairs to see what Santa has brought for Emma.  She will be 19-months old, and we are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with her and seeing how excited she is.

We'll enjoy breakfast as we exchange gifts with family.  Warning:  I may be about to make you (and myself) very hungry!  Mom always cooks her famous breakfast pizza.  She also has homemade biscuits with ham, homemade cinnamon rolls, and cheese grits.  But her breakfast pizza is what we all look forward to.  It's our tradition, and Christmas wouldn't be the same without it.

We will probably spend the rest of the day watching Emma play with all of her new toys and hopefully grab a nap when she does!  Then Christmas night, we'll have another dinner cooked by my mom, again.  Thank goodness she LOVES to cook!

So those are our holiday traditions.  What are yours?  Will you be starting any new traditions this year?

In closing, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a safe holiday season, and a Happy New Year!

Christmas 2012--The year we loved Santa
Christmas 2013--Not so sure about Santa

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