Monday, January 13, 2014


Bath Time.  

Some kids love it and look forward to it.  Some kids are more resistant to it.  Still other kids may love it one day and not so much the next.  

As part of our New Year, New Baby, Healthier and Happier Lifestyle theme for 2014, I came across some bath time routine and safety tips I think are good and wanted to share.

-Make bath time fun.  Bath time is my favorite time of the day with Emma.  We laugh, splash, and play with lots of toys!  I look forward to this time together, and by making it fun, I think she looks forward to it, as well.  You might try rotating which toys are in the tub, so your child doesn't get tired of the same ones.

-Address fear of water.  Some kids will be afraid of the water, the sound of running water, and/or the drain.  Assuaging these fears could keep your child from dreading bath time so much.  You might also try putting on your swimsuit and hopping in the tub with your child to show him or her there's nothing to be afraid of.

-Never leave a child unattended in the tub.  It's slippery in there!  I also suggest a faucet cover to protect your child in case he or she bangs against it.  We sell the Flo faucet cover from Boon at Cloud 9, as well as a wide assortment of bath toys and adorable hooded towels!

-Always test the water temperature.  Use the top of your hand to test the water, since it is more sensitive than your palm or your arm.

-Teach children to bathe themselves.  Unfortunately, humans aren't like cats--we aren't born instinctively knowing to bathe ourselves.  You might try having your child give a doll a bath to teach him or her how to clean themselves.

-Establish a bath time routine.  Much like bed time or nap time, establishing a consistent bath time routine can make things go smoother for everyone.  If you have trouble getting your child out of the tub, you might try letting him or her pick out a fun towel or hooded towel so there is something to look forward to when bath time is over.

Do you have any tips which make bath time go smoother for you and your child?  If so, please share them in the comments here or on our Facebook wall.

Most of all, happy bathing! 

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