Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break!

Spring break is this week for most of north Alabama.  Since she doesn't yet have her own blog (that I know of) I can let you know that Miss Emma will be spending part of her spring break with her grandmother ("Momma G") in Mississippi.

I think she's excited.  But if not, she will be as soon as she sees the bubbles and sidewalk chalk Momma G has for them to play with.  They are also planning to go see Mother Goose at the library!

This is a time of year when many families will be traveling.  Including little ones on road trips can be challenging, but often just requires a little extra preparation and, um, parental ingenuity.

And whether you're going on a vacation or plan to enjoy a little "staycation" at home, Cloud 9 has lots of toys for children to play with, indoors and out.

If you have a little garden helper around the house, check out our new Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit.

If you do happen to be headed to the beach - this week or later this summer - don't leave home without some (or all) of our Quut beach toys:  the Ballo, the Alto, the Triplet, and the Cuppi.

Rest assured, you'll be the coolest mom (or Dad) on the block or beach when you pull these toys out of your beach bag.  (Hint:  The Cuppi has been know to be a fave of some kids for bath time, too.)  You can view the entire line of Quut beach toys on our website.

Need more suggestions?  Just click on "toys" then "outdoor toys" on our website.  We have a great selection of bathing suits, too.  And don't forget the Supergoop Sunscreen!

What is your family doing for spring break?  Do you have any tips to share for traveling with kids?

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