Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Bunny at Cloud 9

The Easter Bunny paid a timely visit to Cloud 9 this past Saturday.  And as you might expect, some were excited, a few were scared.  But enough about the dads who showed up.

It was a beautiful spring day outside, and we had lots of fun things going on inside!  There were free cookies from Mel's Sweet Treats, the aforementioned floppy-eared one, and everyone who shopped Saturday got a 15% discount from Cloud 9!

(The Easter Bunny really liked the cookies from Mel's.  I thought he only ate carrots and lettuce, but apparently not!)

Emma seemed to like the Easter Bunny about as much as she liked Santa Claus.  We did finally get a decent pic of her once mommy held her and made the Easter Bunny promise he wouldn't pinch her.

That's OK, though.  The Easter Bunny told me he would be coming to visit Emma anyway.  In fact, he said he had plans to visit all the kids who came to Cloud 9 on Saturday.

And he let me know that many of them would be receiving items from Cloud 9 in their Easter baskets.  Mister Bunny said he doesn't have elves to help him like Santa does, so he thanked me for our Easter Basket Ideas of the Day which he said came in very handy this year!

I tried to take as many pictures as possible, and posted lots on our Facebook page.  Click here to check them out:  You might see your child, or even yourself!

It was a fun day, and we do hope to have the Easter Bunny back again next year.  A big thanks to everyone who came by on Saturday, and I hope all of you have a Happy Easter.

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