Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter with Emma

We traveled to Mississippi this weekend for Easter at Momma G's.  I made sure to alert the Easter Bunny so he'd know where to bring Emma's basket.

Arriving on Friday afternoon, Emma talked me into getting some frozen yogurt.  OK, so I might have been the one who suggested it.  But we both enjoyed it.  And isn't that what counts?

Saturday morning, we dyed Easter eggs.  We decided to do this outside because:  (a) it was such a beautiful day, and (b) due to any mess that Emma might make.

And make a mess she did!  Eventually, we just stripped her down to her diaper so it wouldn't get all over her clothes and let her go at it.  I'm still not sure if there was more dye on the eggs or on Emma.  But she had a blast.  And isn't that what counts?

After a warm bath and a nap,  Emma spent much of Saturday afternoon playing in a baby pool on the back porch.  Unfortunately, we hadn't packed a bathing suit, so we kind of "rednecked" it a little and let her run around naked.

Sunday morning, Emma woke to find what all the Easter Bunny had brought her.  She got a Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure book, some Babiators, a Pears + Bears tunic cover up, Bella Bliss swimsuits, a Cissy sun hat, Alto and Triplet beach toys, and a lunch box--pretty much everything she'll need for a beach trip!  She was very excited about it all.

Next, we hid eggs in the house and let Emma hunt them.  She was really getting into this!  She cracked a few because she was literally throwing them into the basket.

After that, it was time to get ready for church.

Following church and lunch, we hid eggs again, but this time outside.  When Emma came outside to start hunting them, we discovered that our lab had already found a few eggs and enjoyed them for a snack.  Oops!

Emma was exhausted after such an action-packed Easter weekend.  As we got in the car to head back to Alabama, I looked in the backseat and her little eyes were closed before we even pulled out of the neighborhood.

It's hard to believe that in just a year she'll be showing Baby Sage how to hunt eggs.

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