Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Day At The Beach: Swimming Safety

There's nothing like a day at the beach.  Of course, if you're bringing along a little one (or two, or three...), it's a slightly different experience.  Typically, it involves more sandcastle-making, heading back to the room for mid-day nap, and most importantly, watching out for their safety.

I love the beach!  And fortunately, Emma is a big fan of the water, too.  She'll just take off and run into the ocean with no fear!  The waves knock her down and she just laughs and laughs.  Of course, her dad is standing right beside her the whole time, if not holding her hand.  We never let her go into the water by herself.

We also spend a lot of time at the river.  My husband's family has a cabin there.  And anytime we're there, Emma ALWAYS has a life jacket on.  We're trying to teach her to both appreciate and respect the water, so she's going to be taking swimming lessons this summer!  I think she's gonna love it.

Whether you're talking ocean, pool, or river, or lake, the water can provide tons of fun, but it can also be dangerous.

Here are a few basic swimming safety tips for kids (and parents):

  • Never leave a child unsupervised in or near the water.
  • Have your child wear a personal flotation device (PFD) that fits properly and is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Never rely on inflatable toys to keep your child safe in the water.
  • Don't allow children to run near the pool, or on a pier or boat dock.
  • If you have a pool make sure it's completely enclosed with a fence that's at least 4 feet high.  Always lock the gate after each use, and make sure there's no way your child can climb over the pool's fence.  
  • You may also want to take an infant/child CPR course.  Believe it or not, it's different than CPR for adults!

For more water safety tips for babies and toddlers, visit:

So have fun in the water this summer, and be safe!  


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