Monday, June 16, 2014

Becoming a big sister

The impending arrival of Baby Sage means Mommy and Daddy are getting a new baby.  The grandparents are getting a new grandchild.  But these things have happened before.

However, one thing will be happening for the very first time:  Miss Emma will become a big sister.

Emma turned two on May 29th and I'm not sure exactly how much she understands about Baby Sage yet.  But I'm so excited just to see her reaction to him!

Will she be scared?  Curious?  Protective?  Think he's a toy?  All of the above?

We found out we would be expecting baby #2 the week of Halloween.  But we didn't really start talking to Emma about the baby until Mommy started showing.

We would tell her Mommy was carrying a baby, and eventually she started pointing to my belly and saying, "Baby."  Then once we found out the sex, we told her she would be having a baby brother.  She loves to tell people her brother's name when they ask.

Sometimes she will go into the nursery, sit in the glider and say his name.  Hearing his name come out of her mouth is absolutely the sweetest thing!

She has a baby doll that Santa brought her for Christmas.  Well, the doll's name USED to be Emma.  But now its name is Sage.  It's so funny and so sweet all at the same time.  I guess kids are like that a lot though.

I'm afraid her world is going to be rocked when we bring home a real baby.

Although maybe she's already adjusting.  Because Emma has been a momma's girl from day one!  We were practically joined at the hip.  But recently she has turned into a daddy's girl.  She wants to be with him all the time now.

That has made me feel much better because I've been so nervous about my attention being divided and Emma feeling neglected.  I don't want her to feel like I've abandoned her for another baby.

Of course, our world may be rocked, too.  We don't know anything about boys at our house!  I guess we will learn, right?  I've heard stories from people who have boys and can only imagine the adventures that await us.

If you have more than one child, what did you do to make sure you weren't neglecting the older one(s)?  How did the older child(ren) react to the new baby?

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