Monday, July 28, 2014

All About Baby Sage

Baby Sage turned one month old on Saturday.  Two months will be here before we know it.  (Like really, I don't think he'll even know it.)  So allow me to introduce you to our newest bundle of eating and sleeping, and joy.

It seems we have forgotten what it was like to have a baby and it's only been two years since Emma.  But we love having a baby in the house.  They smell so good!  And we forgot how much they love to snuggle up on us and the sweet little noises they make.

As best I can tell, Baby Sage's two favorite things are eating and sleeping.  Now we may spend more time sleeping, but let me tell you, that boy does not miss a meal!

He typically wakes around 2 AM and again at 5:30 to eat.  He weighed 8 pounds, 9 ounces when he was born.  And at his two week checkup, he was already up to 9 pounds, 1 ounce, and 21 inches long! Our pediatrician says he is going to be a fast grower.  I agree!

Otherwise, Baby Sage is pretty laid back, just like his daddy.  I guess their name isn't the only thing they share.  When he isn't napping, he loves to play on his play mat and look at the fish hanging above it.  Another favorite spot is in my carrier, and of course, I like having him that close, too!

Now as for Miss Emma, she absolutely loves being a big sister!  Or, as she calls it, "a little momma."  She gathers pacifiers, blankets, bottles, you name it.  She likes being Momma's big helper.

She is so cute.  Sometime she will just sit next to Baby Sage and stare at him while he sleeps.  Of course, other times, she decides he needs his pacifier while sleeping and tries to shove it in his mouth.  Being gentle is something we are working on.

But overall, Emma has handled having a baby brother so well, and that has helped make our transition from one child to two go pretty smoothly.

So far.

I'll get back to you once Baby Sage becomes mobile or stops sleeping so much.

Photos taken by Lauren Tomasella Photography.

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