Monday, July 14, 2014

Traveling With Baby

It seems like almost everyone I know is either at the beach, about to go to the beach, or just got back from the beach.  It's July, the heat is on, and it's that time of the year.

Traveling long distance can be tough for children.  Here are a few tips making travel easier for small children:

 -Having activities kids can do in the car, both by themselves or interactive games everyone can play. 

-Plan to stop every couple of hours to allow your child to get out of the car and stretch.  Finding a local park or just letting them play at a rest stop can also allow children to burn off some energy.

 -If all else fails, and you're traveling with your spouse or another adult, pull over and have someone sit in the back seat with the child for awhile.  A little company can go a long way.

 -When possible, try to plan the trip so at least part of it takes place during nap time for your child.

 That last tip has worked well for us.  When we travel with Emma, we always try to hit the road right around her nap time.  She typically drifts off to sleep before we even get out of Decatur.

 When going to the beach, we usually leave in the evening after my husband gets off work, and Emma sleeps the entire way.  We've been very fortunate, I know!

 Another thing to consider when traveling with toddlers is choosing the right car seat.  I couldn't believe when I read that 73% of car seats are not used or installed correctly!  Here is a site with some good tips on choosing a car seat:

 When I was researching car seats, safety was the most important factor for me.  I read lots of reviews and talked to other moms.

 Emma was in a rear-facing seat until 18 months.  Then she wanted to face forward.  I loved looking in the backseat and seeing her smiling face back there.

 Once she outgrew her infant car seat, we looked for a car seat that would grow with her.  Again, after talking with lots of other moms, we decided to go with a Britax Roundabout.  It could be rear-facing and forward-facing!

 In a couple of weeks, I'll be driving Emma and Sage to the beach, by myself!  I'll be joining my husband's sister and mother, and my mother down there.  It's a girls trip!  Well, plus Baby Sage.

 Right now, Sage is eating about every 4 hours and sleeping the majority of the day.  So maybe he will sleep that well in the car to make for an easy trip.

 A girl can hope, can't she!

 I hope you have happy, and most of all, safe travels this summer.

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