Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween is near!

Carving pumpkins.  Picking out a cute costume.  Sneaking some of your child's candy.  Is there anything better than Halloween when you're a mom?

This will be my first Halloween with two kids, which means that for the first time, I get to coordinate costumes!  I won't even attempt to hide my excitement.

Emma absolutely loves the movie "Frozen" so choosing a theme this year was easy.  Emma will go as Elsa, while Baby Sage will be Olaf.  Oh, he is going to make the cutest snowman!

I actually found a lady in Illinois to make Emma's costume.  The only issue was getting a 2-year old to sit still so that I could take measurements.  So if it isn't an absolute perfect fit, you'll know why.

This will be Emma's first year to go trick-or-treating.  Last year, we felt she was still too young (even though she had the most adorable little pumpkin costume!).  We will probably take her to visit a few of our favorite neighbors within walking distance.  Then it's off to G-Daddy and AA's house.  You know grandparents always have the good stuff!

I love Halloween and am looking forward to a fun night.  I'm anxious to see how Emma does trick-or-treating.  And of course, I'll be taking lots of pics of the kids and their coordinating costumes.

What costume did your child (or you) pick for Halloween this year?  Will they be trick-or-treating?

Whatever you have planned, most of all be safe.  And Happy Halloween from Cloud 9, Elsa, and Olaf.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A few of my favorite things (about fall)

What do I love about fall?  How much time do you have?

I love the weather.  We've had a few fall-like days already.  I just wish it would stay that way!  There's something about fall weather that makes me want to sit out on the porch and enjoy a big glass of red wine.  It's the perfect time of year for enjoying our screened-in porch.

I love going to the beach this time of year.  It's no longer so hot, but sill nice.  Not to mention not as crowded.  We have gone to the beach in October every year since we started dating.  These days, we share our October beach trip with another couple and their little girl.

I love Halloween!  It has always been my favorite holiday, and now that I get to dress up two little ones, well that just makes it even better.  I will be coordinating their outfits this year.  Stay tuned to find out what they will be.

And of course, there's football.  It kind of takes over the South in the fall.  Football provides a good reason to get together with friends and socialize.  I sometimes get so involved in conversation with friends that I forget to pay attention to the game.  Oops!  But not to worry, eventually someone's husband will yell at the TV and get our attention.

Fall is all these things and more.  It's a trip to a pumpkin patch, mums on the front porch, watching the leaves start to change and the fall breeze that blows them out of the trees.

My only problem with fall?  It doesn't last long enough.

What are your favorite things about fall?  Do you have any fall traditions?

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Balancing Act

Let's be clear:  All mothers are working mothers.  It's just that some of us also have jobs outside of the home.  Earlier this year, I went from being a working mom of one to being a working mom of two.

Baby Sage is three months old now (almost three-and-a-half).  And even though I haven't gone back to work full-time, I pop in the store to work on displays and other things during the week.  Of course, Baby Sage is normally strapped to me in his carrier on those days.  Or AA rocks him and holds him while he sleeps.  (It's a tough job being a grandparent!)

Otherwise, I am working from home a lot, planning in-store events, posting on social media, and updating the Cloud 9 website with new products.  Emma is going to school three days a week now, so I mostly work on those days while Baby Sage sleeps -- also known as, when he is between meals.

Of course, there are many times I don't get anything done and can feel frustrated.  But it is such a blessing to be able to work from home as much as I have and have my sweet baby boy with me that the frustration never lasts very long.

Now that my busiest time of the year is creeping up and we often have multiple shipments arriving daily, I have been going into the store on Sunday afternoons to get some work done.  I try and go during nap time, but some days I wind up being at the store longer than that.  I feel guilty for not being home to spend beautiful Sunday afternoons with my babies.  Although sometimes (when Emma isn't her happiest), I don't mind it as much.

I think it's all about a good balance of work and family time.  That's what I strive for.  And though it's not always easy, I wouldn't have it any other way.

What are some things you do to ensure you get quality family time amidst housework, errands, a career, and all the other things moms have to do?