Monday, January 19, 2015

A perfectly Frozen day

Last Thursday morning, something special was in the air.  Was it excitement?  Anticipation?  I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Then as I walked outside to go to work, it hit me.


Snow hit me.  In the face.  It was the day of the Cloud 9 Frozen Fan Party, and it was snowing.  Elsa, the Snow Queen, was going to be in our store, and snow was in the air!  I could barely believe it.

The store was buzzing with excitement from the time the doors opened.  We had a packed house and the children seemed very excited to see Elsa and Anna.  Of course, much like Santa, most of the kids took some time to warm up to them.

Everyone came dressed as their favorite Frozen character.  I even saw and heard a few dresses that sang!  Yes, you heard right, singing dresses.

Anna and Elsa sang, too.  Anna sang "For the First Time in Forever" and, of course, Elsa sang "Let It Go."  As they sang, I watched the faces of the children.  They were in awe.  I don't even know if they blinked!

Elsa invited the crowd to sing along on "Let It Go."  It sounded like everyone in the room knew all the words to that one, including the parents.  I know Lee South knew every word to "Let It Go."  He wasn't singing very loudly, but he didn't miss a single verse.

Of course, we also had Frozen treats, and did we mention it snowed???  What a perfect day.

I've already received emails from friends letting me know their daughters were talking about meeting Elsa and Anna for days after the event.  Who knows, we may have to invite another Disney princess to Cloud 9.

All event  photos can be found on our Facebook page.

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