Monday, June 29, 2015

Having Fun and Turning One

Baby Sage celebrated his first birthday on June 26th!  We actually had his party  a week early so that all his grandparents were able to be there.

The theme?  "Time flies when you're having fun!"

There was an airplane on his cake, which came from Cloud 9 by the way.  (The plane, not the cake.)  And he also wore a Busy Bees Airplane Bubble.  Can this kid dress or what!

Even though it was a small family gathering, it was very enjoyable.  We had four generations of Sages at the party, which I thought was pretty cool!

Now my little man does not miss a meal and eats anything I put in front of him.  So we expected him to literally dive head-first into his smash cake.  But instead, he took his time.

That's where his big sister came in.  Emma loved dipping her fingers in the cake, and with her help and guidance, Baby Sage soon developed a taste for the icing himself.  She has been such a wonderful big sister.  I think because Baby Sage is just one more thing she can "mother."  My Little Momma, I call her.

After his cake was properly smashed, it was time for presents.  Emma, again, quickly "showed" her baby brother how to open his gifts.  We tried reminding her that it was Sage's birthday, not hers.  To which she responded by promptly starting to play with Baby Sage's new toys.

There's nothing in the world like watching the kids play and laugh together, so we all thoroughly enjoyed that.  Then it was time to put the birthday boy to bed.  After that, the adults enjoyed a nice family dinner together with some delicious birthday cake.

It's so hard to believe that an entire year has passed.  It seems like just the other day, we were bringing Baby Sage home from the hospital! 

What's that I was saying again?  Oh right, time flies.