Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Fun

Easter has come and gone.  Memorial Day is just around the corner.  It's hard to believe, but summer is on the doorstep.

I've see lots of Facebook posts from friends looking forward to summer.  And I've had several parents ask what I'm doing with the kids this year.  Sounds like the makings of a Cloud 9 blog post to me.

Emma has a very busy June scheduled -- definitely busier than mine!  She will be attending Vacation Bible School as well as Princess Ballerina Camp.  While she's buy with that, I plan to take Baby Sage to Book Babies at the Library on Wednesdays.

Speaking of books, I have decided to pick a different book each week and will plan activities with the kids related to the particular book.  And by plan activities, I mean find cool things on Pinterest to try.

On Make Something Monday, we will make a craft that goes along with the book.  For Book Cooks Wednesday we will cook something related to the book.  And then we'll have Fun Friday, which will be our day to get out and have some fun -- at the movies, water park, or just in the backyard.  (I will be working at the store on Tuesdays and Thursdays.) Oh, and I'll also select a related movie that we can watch each week.

Here's an example of our first week:

June 6-10:  The Pout Pout Fish

Make Something Monday:  Ocean Discovery Bottle (

Book Cooks Wednesday:  Fish Bowl Gelatin (

Friday:  Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue (

So that's some of what I have planned with the kids for the summer.  As for what they have planned for me... well, they've not let me know yet, and neither of them has a blog as far as I know.  But I'm sure it will be an adventure.

What are your summertime plans?