Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pancakes + Pajamas = A Sweet 2nd Birthday Party

We had Baby Sage's birthday party on June 25th, but honestly it was almost like he had a week-long celebration with Emma gone to Momma G's for the week.  It was so incredibly nice to have that time with him!  While he is always a happy-go-lucky kid, I was really able to see his personality shine through when he was alone.

I guess I never really knew how much Emma bossed him around -- including which toys he could play with and which room he went in!  I knew she as a little 'mother,' but with her gone, I was really able to see all of his amazing personality shine through.

Plus, it was nice for me to get that one-on-one time with him.  I had a lot of that with Emma, of course, but haven't had as much with Baby Sage.  I found myself spoiling him just a bit -- almost like a grandparent!  I let him get by with things he normally would not been allowed to do if Emma had been around, too.  I can see why grandparents have so much fun!  But I can wait to be a grandparent: Baby Sage is already growing up too fast!  I literally cannot believe that as I am writing this he is TWO YEARS old.

(Speaking of which -- how long can I call him "Baby Sage"???  I mean, I still feel like he is my baby and always will be, but... I suspect someone is going to say something soon.)

I told him all week that we were going to have a birthday party for him on Saturday morning.  He seemed happy and excited -- because I was happy and excited. But I don't think he ever really 'got it.' In fact, event the morning of his party, I'm still not sure it sunk in.  Oh well!

Emma came home Friday night, just in time to make it to Sage's party Saturday morning.  We had it at AA and G Daddy's (my in-laws) house, and decided that since we were celebrating in the morning, we would have a pancake and pajama party!

Spoiler alert:  only the kids wore pajamas.

When we got to AA and G Daddy's house, his gifts were all sitting out on the back porch -- along with that amazing cake!  His new grill and basketball goal were not wrapped, so he got into those right away!  We actually had to point him in the direction of the wrapped gifts.


Emma was especially excited about Baby Sage's birthday part -- to the point that we had to keep reminding her this wasn't her party.  We told her she could help, but they were his gifts.  And help she did!  Baby Sage would get slightly distracted by the new toys he had just unwrapped, and only wanted to play with that, not even thinking about his big stack of gifts yet to unwrap!  Emma would start his gifts, and then he would finish tearing the paper off.  She has mastered the art of unwrapping!  He needs a little practice yet, but with Emma as a big sister, I have no doubt Baby Sage will be caught up by Christmas.

After Baby Sage -- with help from his big sister -- finished opening all of his gifts, we moved to the griddle with Mimosas and Bloody Mary's in hand (adults only, of course) to watch G Daddy flip pancakes for our clan.

Speaking of pancakes -- did you see that cake?  In case you were wondering:  yes, we did eat pancakes and cake!  We were all on quite the sugar high after that, with syrup and frosting leading the way!  Everyone crashed pretty hard for naps after the party -- and this time, the adults are included in that.  Made me wish I had worn my pajamas after all, now that I think about it.

It was a fantastic day for my baby.  For both of my babies, actually, as Emma seemed to enjoy Baby Sage's party just like he loved her.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Emma's Big Girl Trip to Visit Momma G

I have gotten lots of questions about Emma's week with Momma G.  Most people want to know what all she did.  My answer?  "What didn't she do?!?!"

Let me start by telling you how excited she was to spend a week in Mississippi all by herself with Momma G.  To prepare her, I had told her in advance she was going to get to go.  I started to regret that!  Between the time that I first told her and her actual trip, she asked me more than a hundred times (it felt like 1,000) "When am I going to Momma G's?"  While I would have been fine answering that question a few less times, I was glad she was so excited about her trip.

When I was Emma's age, all I cared about were American Girl dolls.  When we were there over Mother's Day weekend, Momma G had gotten all of my American Girl dolls out of storage, and Emma fell in love!  In fact, those dolls have been all she has been able to focus on!   When she would talk about going to Momma G's, she talked about playing with those dolls.

I even went so far as to ask if we should pack her babies for Momma G's house because they go everywhere with us.  She actually said no!  I was super shocked, but she told me she only wanted to play with the dolls at Momma G's house.

When she got to Momma G's house, my mom had cleaned up my old Playmobil Doll House that I received from Santa one year around Emma's age.  She had it sitting on her kitchen island when she and Emma walked in the door, and Emma went right to it!  Mom told me that Emma climbed on the bar stool and didn't move for hours!  She even ate dinner in front of it!  That whole first night, she didn't go to a different room or play with any other toys besides that one doll house.

And the next morning, Emma went straight to the doll house again.  (I guess it's a good thing I just ordered a bunch of new Playmobil toys for the store -- including their great line of doll houses!  They've been updated, but it is still the same great quality.)

Let me tell you a little something:  my mom is a night owl.  And when Emma is with Momma G, she is a bit of one, too.  She definitely stays up wayyyyyyyyyyy past her 7 o'clock bed time.

In addition to playing with the doll house and keeping some rather late hours, Emma also went to see Finding Dory with Momma G.  This was especially exciting for Emma because I had taken her and Baby Sage to see it the day it opened in Decatur.  Unfortunately, we only got to see the first 20 minutes of the movie (from what I saw, it was a great movie!), before someone (cough -- Baby Sage -- cough) decided to throw a pack of gummies at people three rows in front of us and I decided it was time to leave.  You can imagine all the tears Emma shed when we had to leave the movie early!  So, I was very glad to hear that not only had she and Momma G gone to see it, but that she loved the whole movie!

Momma G loves to cook, so after Emma had her fill of the doll house, they moved that out of the kitchen to do more traditional kitchen things -- like baking and decorating cookies!  Emma had a blast, and I have to say that the cookies she brought home for me to try were delicious and gorgeous.

To round out a fun weekend, Emma also decided to torture my Mom's cat, Moe, by chasing him around.  Moe may be been glad to see Emma leave, but I know she is already excited for her next big girl trip to Momma G.  And to play with those dolls again.