Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Disney Trip: Hollywood Studios

This is post 4 in the series of my family's trip to Disney.  I encourage you to read all of the posts as they each cover a very different aspect of the trip!  I outline the planning process here, packing for/and traveling with toddlers here, and our first day and a half at Magic Kingdom here.

After a very magical day and a half at Magic Kingdom, we headed to Hollywood Studios the next morning!  We actually arrived just a few minutes before the park opened, which was a fun experience.

I had pre-booed us three FastPass+ reservations (Toy Story Midway Mania, Frozen Sing-Along, and Tower of Terror).  We had been told repeatedly we would want to ride Toy Story Midway Mania twice because it was so much fun, so we decided to make use of our first FastPass+ there.  It was the first place we headed.

As did EVERYONE else once the park doors opened.

  It was like a scene from a movie, with people running from all directions, yanking kids out of strollers all while running/pushing the stroller - it was a mad dash.  Everyone in our group kept laughing at the mayhem as we tried to pick our jaws up off the ground.

Both kids ended up really enjoying it, so we did ride that one twice that day.  Before lunch we saw Disney Junior Live on Stage and rode The Great Movie Ride.

We actually had a really awesome experience at Disney Junior Live on Stage that we weren't expecting.  Since we were first in line, they dubbed us the "First Family," which gave us the ability to use the "secret word" to open the doors (and go in first, of course).  In addition, we received a "First Family" certificate with had been signed by some characters.  It was just a super fun surprise we weren't expecting!  If this is something you think your kids would really enjoy, it might be worth it to do this first when you go!

Oh yea, the secret word was really more of a "secret phrase":  Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!

Lunch that day was scheduled at Hollywood & Vine.  It was buffet food, and definitely wouldn't go down as our favorite of the trip.  However, we were able to meet Doc McStuffins, Jake, Princess Sofia, and Handy Manny, so that made it all worth it!  (At least to Emma it did - ha!)  Emma really had a hard time sitting still and eating lunch because she was so excited to see all the Disney Jr. characters.

We put Baby Sage in the stroller and he was once again out as we left lunch.  He really napped so good the entire time in the stroller.  I even considered trying to bring one of those strollers home with us!  Because he was sleeping, Baby Sage completely missed out on Voyage of the Little Mermaid, but he did wake up to enjoy the Frozen Sing Along.

While we did take two small children, don't think there was no fun for all of the adults involved!  One thing I did just for the adults was book us on the Tower of Terror.  We just left the kids sitting in the stroller and went on our merry way!  Just kidding - we did it the junior high way of Girls, then Boys.  Based on the photos we got, it would seem that I was a teeny, tiny bit terrified - and I wanted to be 100% sure my seatbelt was fastened... I guess it is safe to say the ride is aptly named!

We actually left around 2:30 that afternoon for some much-needed rest.  We had dinner reservations that night at 'Ohana and we wanted to make sure everyone was rested enough to enjoy it.  The grandparents decided they didn't need a nap (so hey - good news!  Once you become a grandparent you get some energy again!), and instead wanted to see the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  Funny thing, though:  we got a picture of them drinking margaritas while we were resting...

About 'Ohana - it is a must-do!!!!  It was a Hawaiian-style feast, and just simply fabulous.  Everyone loved it - the men included!  Our waitress just constantly continued to bring around chicken, steak and shrimp, until we were all so stuffed we wondered if someone could push us back to our rooms!

Unfortunately for Baby Sage, he had fallen asleep again on the way to dinner, and slept through the entire feast.  The hostess was super sweet and let us just push the stroller up to the table.  I guess all the fun of the two days before had gotten to him, and he pretty much slept that entire afternoon out of pure exhaustion.

After dinner, we headed back to get some sleep for everyone before we headed to the Animal Kingdom the next morning.

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